New Age Designs, founded in 1989 on the 'power' of a home built $10,000.00 (yes that is 10 GRAND - it was a computer or a new car at the time - I made a good call) Intel based 386/25 and an unheard of 150Mb ESDI hard drive with 'way too much RAM' (4 MB), a 16" Nanao monitor, 512k RAM video card  and a copy of DOS, ACAD 9, PhotoPaint, Aston Tate DB2 and WordPerfect, NAD was out to blaze a new path and bridge the gap between the generations of designers who had old school knowledge and the 'geeks' of the day with all this 'high powered' computer equipment. Think of the movie TRON on a shoestring. I wish I still had my first animation that I created using CAD by layering a 2.5 D object multiple times and redrawing the vantage angle 5 degrees each time to simulate a walk around, boy is FLASH a handy tool now a days!

So after selling computers and hooking up with Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) to sell really BIG and FAST computers to designers and then later to the State of California, I missed the urge to design. Being a 'geek' was fun for a bit, but not very creative. Sales were something I had always done in some sort of capacity, so I grew in that aspect as well. So 1994 rolls around and the Arpanet (IP addressing) and Gofer (peer to peer) began to 'morph' into this thing call the World Wide Web. <<Legacy: A brave new World Wide Web>> Thru DEC I jumped at the chance to 'design' some 'Mosaic based information' (web page) armed with our first Prodigy and CompuServe accounts and some basic understanding of version 1.0 HTML we were very excited to get the text in different colors and blink on a very simple page.

So we grew with the DOT craze and grew even more AFTER the bubble burst with Compaq when they bough out DEC, because we actually produced a real product with a real results. Currently NAD has 2 servers mirroring each other in separate states, 24/7/365 with daily tape backups and live human monitoring on location. We run Linux and Apache servers which we are proud to say have never been down in over 14 years. We host all our own mail and anti-spam protocols on the server so the vast majority of the junk out there never hits your inbox. We have helped many many businesses get off the ground and into the Web over these years and some of those original clients we are proud to say are still with us. We have been blessed to have some very intelligent and capable staff, partners and contractors working with and for NAD over these years and we all still stay in touch and continue to help get the 'next' generation of designers into the professional fields via internships and grant projects. You reap what you sow after all correct?

Want to get nostalgic and see what the web used to be? It works for almost ANY site!

Previous Versions of our website - sponsored by a cool 'geek' thing that archives the Net from way way back in the day. It goes back to one of our first sites created May 3, 1995 and updated thru April 6, 1998. Click Here *sites may not be complete. We still use the same tag line and even though the logo has updated a bit with the times you can still see the basic idea still holding strong now going into our 17th year in business.

This basic format for our current site is going into it's 7th year of use and it still holds up pretty well I think - because form follows function and the web will always be about content and what you say, not how flashy you can make the same looped audio sound. Give the user what they need and don't waste their time, unless of course they REALLY have nothing better to do than read all of your history page :-)  All the best - Dave

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