About New Age Designs

Some Background

New Age Designs, founded in 1989 on the 'power' of a home built business starting with $10,000.00 (yes that is 10 GRAND - it was a computer or a new car at the time – we made a good call) Intel based 386/25 and an unheard of 150Mb ESDI hard drive with 'way too much RAM' (4 MB), a 16" Nanao monitor, 512k RAM video card and a copy of DOS, ACAD 9, PhotoPaint, Aston Tate DB2 and WordPerfect, NAD was out to blaze a new path and bridge the gap between the generations of designers who had old school knowledge and the 'geeks' of the day with all this 'high powered' computer equipment. Think of the movie TRON on a shoestring. We still get nostalgic thinking about our first animation, created using CAD by layering a 2.5 D object multiple times and redrawing the vantage angle 5 degrees each time to simulate a walk around, boy is FLASH and HTML 5 handy!

Now a day’s we’ve had keep up with trends and personnel changes included in fold have been UX team leads from fortune 50 companies, with years of front end development, graphic design and web content production experience. My staff now comes equipped with BsC”s in Computer Science they thrive under pressure and have coordinated both intact and virtual teams. Most have extensive experience managing relationships with digital agencies, and driving them through complex design processes and most are comfortable with SCRUM and Rally for project management purposes.

We excel at User Centered Design, leading business stakeholders through visual comps and wireframes, requirements gathering and ultimately front end development (JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, angular, etc). We are firm believers that when it comes to good UX, less is more, performance is critical, perception is everything and if a designer doesn't understand the difference between UX and UI then they have no business doing interface design.

We have extensive experience developing with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap and Angular. More recently we’ve been playing with Meteor, a full stack JavaScript framework and Node.js…mostly because we like to keep our skills sharp and modern.

New Age Design staff has spent decades managing various UX and web marketing projects for large corporations, giving them the opportunity to work with the most talented digital agencies in the world and the most demanding marketing content and user requirements imaginable.

We have a deep understanding, and respect for color theory, visual composition, page layout and general design theory. We are just as adept with Adobe Photoshop as Sublime Text, as we are with paint brush and pencil.

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